Why Having a Newborn/Maternity Session After Birth is Important

When a baby is born, you can quickly become wrapped up in the world of diapers, sleeping, feeding, and burping.

With your newfound baby brain, it might not even cross your mind to get some professional photos taken, but that is a huge mistake!

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away,” said E. Welty.

Once the moment is gone, it’s gone. Before you know it, your little one will be trotting off to school, getting all grown up and having kids of their own. If you miss this opportunity, you’ll lose that special moment forever.

Read on to find out why you’ll never regret having a newborn maternity session.

Capture a Once in a Lifetime Moment

Photos are not just lifeless snapshots, they’re captured memories. You can look back at them in years to come and the photos will trigger vivid flashbacks, feelings, and emotions.

You might be unsure of having newborn photos now, but if you miss the opportunity you can never get it back. When your newborn is all grown up, he/she will no doubt be delighted to see the photos.

You Can’t Do What the Professionals Do

No matter how hard you try you cannot compete with professional photographers.

You could settle for photos taken by a friend on an iPhone. They might even get some cute shots, but it does not compare to the work of art that a professional photographer can create.

A professional knows the best angles, effects, focus, depth, and lighting. With a little editing, they can transform a rather mundane photo into a story that captures the moment.

On top of it all, they can prepare and print the images you choose and give them a fantastic finish. They’ll definitely give that wow factor that your smartphone photos will lack.

Family and friends may even want to purchase some copies.

You Can Take the Chance to Glam up

Obviously, the main focus will be the cute little newborn, but you and your immediate family will be in the shots too. If you get the chance, take the opportunity to glam up!

Pamper yourself before the session, get your hair and makeup done. Just don’t go over the top. The focus will be on the skin-to-skin bond between you and the baby, so keep things natural.

Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself a little, then you’ll look and feel great for the photo shoot. You have just endured hours of intense labor, you deserve it!

You’ve Still Got That Pregnant Glow

You might feel tired, sore, achy, and nauseous after giving birth. Do you really want to capture this moment?

Yes, you do!

You still have that pregnant woman glow and have just brought a new life into the world. You may feel a bit self-conscious about your belly, but your leftover bump is still beautiful.

Giving birth is a thing of beauty and awe. A skilled photographer can draw out your best bits capturing the beauty, love, and femininity of what you just accomplished.

When you look back, you may be surprised at how great you looked.

Enjoy Some Family Bonding Time

Having a newborn photo shoot gives you the chance to bond with your partner, and your other kids too.

Putting dad in the picture, literally, can capture those first few moments of bonding as a new family. You’ve had the chance to bond for 9 months with the little baby growing inside you. But for dad, those first few days are really his first bonding moments.

The siblings of the newborn can also enjoy this fun family bonding session. A new baby is no doubt taking the limelight from them which can lead to frustration and jealousy.

Involving them in the newborn baby pictures will make them feel special and included.

Use Your Imagination

Having newborn photos is the perfect opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. This isn’t a difficult one, as you’ve probably already been scrolling for hours through Pinterest for newborn photo ideas.

Do your research, use your imagination and let the photographer know what you want. An experienced photographer will be on hand to give suggestions too, so be open-minded.

With their vast experience, they might have some amazing ideas.

For instance, you might like posed looks in cute hats, or you might prefer candid shots from home or in the hospital. It really is up to you!

It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

You might have heard people say “Baby photography? No way, it’ll cost a gazillion!”

Having newborn photos is not actually as expensive as you might think. Most photographers have several newborn photo packages in a variety of price ranges. They will most likely have the option of having a digital copy instead of print, which can lower the price.

However, you do get what you pay for. So if you find a crazy cheap deal, you’ll find the quality might disappoint you.

It’s vital to do your homework by checking recommendations to see if it’s the real deal.

Essential Tips for a Newborn Maternity Session

Of course, a newborn babies mood can be temperamental. If you want those Pinterest worthy shots, follow these essential tips:

  • Book as early as possible
  • Have the photos taken within 14 days of the birth (this will allow the photographer to mold the little one into that curled up newborn pose)
  • If possible, you can even have the photos taken within the first 48 hours at the hospital
  • Feed your baby beforehand so that he/she will sleep for the photos
  • Take supplies, such as wet wipes
  • Bring a friend or relative with you to look after your other kids while they aren’t in the shots
  • Be patient, getting the right poses and best shots can often take time

The most important tip of all is to relax and have some fun!

No Regrets!

You won’t regret capturing these first special moments in a newborn maternity session. You can never recreate those first moments of bonding, make sure you don’t miss the brief window of opportunity.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here for 10 ADORABLE newborn photo ideas and start planning your session today!

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