Ready, Set, Click: 9 Tips for What to Wear for Family Photos


Planning to take a family photo and share it online? Or, with the rising importance of printing photographs, do you want to keep a physical keepsake of happy times with the people you love?

Those moments will fly by quickly and you’ll want each picture to look astounding. One step to achieve that goal is to wear the right clothes.

Figuring out what to wear for family photos, however, is easier said than done. It’s not like taking a photograph of a single person; everyone in the photo has to complement the overall theme and style that you’re going for.

To help you get started, here’s our guide on what to wear for family photographs:

Family Photos Color Scheme: Coordinating, Not Matching

Don’t follow the old tradition of making everyone wear the same clothes and all be in one color. It looks stiff, outdated, and awkward. Instead, prepare for the family photo shoot by picking a theme that lets everyone coordinate while wearing two to three different colors.

After all, it’s already obvious you’re all part of one, cohesive unit since you’re all in the photograph together. If you want to go with an elegant style, for example, you can opt to blend together black, white, and grey instead of only one, solid color.

Wearing matching clothes can be cute when used right. Twins or competitive siblings can wear matching clothes but this often only for comedic effect or to draw immediate attention.

Understand the color wheel and figure out which colors not only work for you but with each other. This ensures colors don’t blend with each other or contradict each other. Another important factor to consider: avoid neon colors because they’ll bleed out and give your skin or hair different hues too.

Complement the Background

That said, you should first pick a theme of colors after you’ve taken then the time to look at the scenery. You’ll want to complement the background instead of fighting it.

Are you taking a family photograph in a grassy meadow? Don’t wear green because then you’ll camouflage into the background. Another example is if the area is a little dark because then you shouldn’t wear solid black.

Have Fun with Accessories

The best way to add some life and spice to a family photo is to play with accessories. Have fun and remember that you don’t only wear accessories but can also use them to create a story. You can use the clothes you wear to showcase your heritage and religious beliefs.

You can have the wife hold onto the man’s necktie or let the kids hide or peek behind a wide-brim hat. If you’re going for something neutral, formal, or elegant then adding a nice necklace or bracelet accentuates the theme so it won’t look dull and dry.

Be Careful with Text and Patterns

You will want to avoid shirts with a lot of print or loud, distracting patterns. They won’t mesh well with the background and the cohesive design of a family photograph. It’s like adding shattered glass to a floor adorned with rose petals.

Brand logos, in particular, are the worst offenders. Not only will they look dated in years to come, they might come across as cheeky or out of place.

No All Black or White Clothing

Avoid pure black or all white clothing when taking a family photo. Yes, it can look clean but it can also look stiff. At the same time, it can send the wrong message to people who view the photograph later on.

If you’re all in black, some might think you were getting ready for a funeral. If it’s all white, people might assume you were heading out to the hospital.

Aiming to showcase a more traditional family attire? If you’re going for all black and white then use accessories to your advantage. Even something as simple as a gold necklace or some hats can boost the photo’s aesthetic.

Textures and Layers

When listing down different family picture outfit ideas, make sure to add layers. This means you and your family shouldn’t only wear nothing but shirts and jeans. Add some texture with a veil, dress flourishes, and weave-work to make even classic UAE attire stand out.

How about wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt underneath your short-sleeve top or maybe a nice, elegant sling bag to go with your skirt? These little details add dimension to the photo, ensuring it won’t appear boring and plain.

Look for Inspiration for Family Photo Outfit Ideas

When you’re not sure what to wear for family photos, look at what worked before. There’s bound to be some ideas in your family album or online. If you’re taking photos with a trusted professional photographer, take some time to look at the photos of their previous clients.

Personality Outshines Everything

Let your personality take the spotlight. Does your family photo have to be formal? If not, why not add a personal touch to it and let everyone wear something that embodies who they are.

Are all of you fan of superhero movies? Why not wear shirts bearing the logo of your favorite heroes? If you all love Christmas, why not showcase that with the kind of clothes you wear for the family photo?

What to Wear for Family Photos? Stay Comfortable

Regardless of what people say – including this own guide – don’t wear what you don’t feel comfortable in. If you want to wear loud, matching colors or to top a traditional dress with a cardigan then do it! Sometimes, it’s better to ignore everyone’s advice and go with what feels good.

It’s fine to ignore everything if you feel comfortable. However, you can find a great compromise by staying fashionable and comfortable at the same time. A good way to achieve this is to spend time discussing your family photo goals with your photographer.

Take the Best Family Photos Today!

What are you waiting for? Now that you have an idea of what to wear for family photos, take the next step and schedule an appointment with the best photographers in town.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We can discuss what you want and how we can achieve the photographic look you’ve been dreaming of!

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