How to Make Sure Your Newborn Photo Session Goes Smoothly

Ten fingers, ten toes, one cute little nose. Is there anything better than a newborn baby? Seeing one, holding one, smelling one, they’re the most precious things on the earth.

If you just had one, it’s hard to believe that all that preciousness and love can come through in a newborn photo session. In truth, we can’t capture it all – there’s no baby head scratch and sniff.

However, we can do our best to make sure your little one is captured in all their tiny glory.

What can you do to make sure we have the best shoot possible? Follow the tips below.

Max Cuteness: Newborn Photo Session Tips

Some of the tips below are only relevant if you’re taking your baby to our studio or if we’re doing a shoot in-home. If you don’t know which you want yet, don’t worry.

Reading through these tips will give you a better idea!

Step 1: Schedule Early

Our schedules fill up fast, so make sure you contact us during your second or third trimester. We understand that babies have their own timing, so if someone’s late or early – let us know.

We prefer to photograph babies somewhere between three to seven days after they make their arrival into the world.

They discover movement (even in small ways) around day 8, which makes those more curled-up positions impossible.

They also sleep deeper during their first week of life, so that makes for better sleeping pics.

2. Warm it Up

If we’re coming to your home, crank the heat up! We want the heat somewhere between eighty and eighty-five degrees.

Your baby will be naked during most of the session and we don’t want their little bodies getting cold! Since they can’t keep themselves warm as well as us, they need some extra help.

Plus, the more comfortable your baby is, the better they’ll sleep and pose!

If you’re coming to our studio, we’ll make sure we warm things up for you – so you can leave that to us.

3. Keep Them Up!

We know, you’re never supposed to wake a sleeping baby. That’s why if you keep them up before they come in, it makes it easier for us to not wake them up.

Though they may be fussy for you, getting those perfect pictures is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We recommend keeping them up for one to two hours before the shoot.

If your baby won’t sleep, it’s not the end of the world. We’ll get some perfect wide-eyed and aware shots too!

4. Bring Some Wipes

Yes, poop and pee do happen during a newborn photo shoot. That’s ok! We’re used to it.

Don’t get embarrassed if your baby feels relaxed enough to let go. We’ll wash the fabrics when all is said and done.

That doesn’t mean you can’t prep, though. Those thick burp cloths are great for laying under a baby who may pee in a pose.

Have some wipes on hand for potential messes or on the scene diaper changes.

If you insist that your baby wear a diaper, we’ll work with you. We recommend you bring some sort of cloth diaper cover or bloomer so the picture comes out more put together.

Ruffle butts are just as cute as naked butts, in our opinion.

5. Get Yourself Ready

You may not feel great since, you know, you birthed an entire human. But getting shots of mommy and baby during this precious time is worth taking a shower and putting on makeup.

We’re not going to take pictures of your post-birth belly or anything, but chest on chest photos are precious beyond words.

Do what you can to make yourself feel beautiful, but don’t go over the top. The focus will be on your connection with your baby, not your eyelashes.

Wear something that shows some skin, for skin-to-skin contact pictures.

This can be a simple tank top or cotton cami. If you can, bring a black and white choice so we can change, depending on the shot.

If your partner is coming to the shoot, have them tidy up too! Hands and feet are used in newborn shots, so get a manicure or pedi if you can.

If not, we understand, but throw some lotion on your hands/feet. We’ll edit out things as we need to.

6. Burp and Feed

It’s best if you burp and feed your baby right as you get to the session so that they’re full and sleepy.

It also means they’ll look happier in the photos since we’re all happier with full bellies!

You may have to take a feeding break during the session if your little one wakes up. That’s fine! We want your baby to be healthy and happy. ‘

7. Keep it Quiet

If you’re having your shoot in your home, please think about hiring a babysitter or reducing noise. Dogs and other children can make loud noises, disturbing our little model.

If you’re coming to our studio and can’t get anyone to watch the baby, bring a tablet and some headphones along.

8. Be Patient

Newborns do what newborns want to do. In fact, kids do what kids want to do their entire lives!

Not only is that a good parenting truth to keep in mind, it’s true during a newborn photo session.

If your baby doesn’t want to fall asleep yet, don’t apologize. They will and we’ll get the perfect shot. Relax – we’ve got this!

Relax and Send Love

Once we’ve gotten baby all posed, it’s hard for moms to relax. It can be hard for them to relax during the entire session.

We’ve done this before. We promise no harm will come to your baby during your newborn photo session.

We’re here to capture precious memories and let you take them home.

Are you ready to give us a call? Schedule your session now.

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