How to Choose a Professional Newborn Photographer


Nothing in the world is as special as the birth of a child. Babies grow so fast and change so much and parents don’t want to miss a thing.

How do you preserve the precious memories of your child’s birth? How do you remember the details of their little fingers and toes?

Through photography.

Photographs capture those special moments and preserve them for a long time. In fact, a photograph printed in a professional lab can last up to 200 years! That should be plenty of time to preserve your precious baby’s features.

You’ve decided you want to have your baby photographed by a professional. One question still remains. How do you choose the perfect newborn photographer for you?

There are lots of photographers out there. Not everyone will produce the results you’re looking for. Here’s how to choose the right newborn photographer for your baby.

Choose Your Style

First, decide what basic style of newborn session you would like. Newborn photographers often specialize in a certain type of newborn photography. Because of this, the style you want will affect who you hire.

The 3 basic styles of newborn photography are:

  • Posed
  • Lifestyle
  • Documentary

You may want photos that fall into only 1 category. Or you may decide you want a little bit of all 3! Choose a photographer who will be able to provide what you’re looking for.


Posed photos focus on specific poses. There’s a good chance you’ve seen them all over Pinterest.

You know the type- naked little babies nestled in baskets, or resting their head on their hands. Often, the photographer will use props like teddy bears, blankets or adorable hats.

These sessions can take several hours depending on the baby’s cooperation. Be prepared to feed and calm the baby to get those adorable relaxed poses.


Lifestyle photography focuses more on real life rather than orchestrated poses. The newborn photographer will give you a bit of direction and posing tips. But the focus is more on real-life interactions between you and your baby.

This type often takes place in your home. The focus is on showing your life and what it was like when you brought your baby home.

This style of photography offers an excellent way to incorporate other children. Even Grandma and Grandpa can get in on the fun! The focus is not so much on the details and features of the baby, but on your family as a whole.


Documentary style photography is very much like lifestyle but with one major exception. The photographer will not offer any direction whatsoever.

The focus is on capturing you and your baby in actual life moments. Bring the photographer in and then forget about the camera.

No fake smiles. No perfect poses. Real life moments only.

This type of photography can be useful when you or your partner is not a fan of having their picture taken. It allows you to forget about the photographer, focus on your baby, and capture real life as it happens.

Research Newborn Photographer Styles

Now that you have an idea which basic style you would like, it’s time to research photographers.

First, see if your prospective photographer shoots the style you want. Some newborn photographers are happy to offer all three. Others specialize in a particular type.

Once you’ve found a good prospect, investigate their individual style. That is, the specific look their photos have. Editing styles encompass a huge range of looks.

Some photographers are in love with powerful, contrasty black and white photos. Others love bright and airy shots. Some showcase soft pastels and others go strong and bold with bright colors.

Photographers are artists, and as such the photos they create come from the heart. Choose a newborn photographer whose portfolio is full of photos you love. That’s the best way to ensure you’ll love the end result.


The timeframe is an important piece of the puzzle. How old should your baby be when the photographer comes?

It depends on the kind of photos that you want. Those cutesy, posed photos are only attainable during the first couple weeks of life. It is much harder to keep older babies asleep and relaxed enough to get the poses right.

Of course, you don’t know the exact date your baby will arrive. That makes scheduling your session in advance a little difficult.

Talk to your prospective photographer about their policy. Most photographers offer a penciled-in date but allow you a window of time around it.

Lifestyle and documentary sessions give you a little more wiggle room. In fact, an older, more interactive baby who can smile and even laugh can make your photos much more fun. Plus, you may not be too up for having your photo taken right after the birth.

Photographer’s Experience

Not every photographer is a newborn photographer. They may have a portfolio full of gorgeous portraits that you are in love with. But that doesn’t mean you should choose them to photograph your newborn.

Newborn photographers need to know how to work with infants. This is most important when dealing with posed shots. Many of those photos are actually composites.

Think about it. It’s not safe to hang a baby from a tree branch. Or photograph them with your Saint Bernard. Many of those poses the baby can’t even hold on their own. The photographer will have you or an assistant hold the baby and then photoshop out the arm.

Trustworthy and Likeable

Meet the photographer first, even if it’s a simple phone call, although in person is better. You want a photographer that you feel you can trust.

And you want one that will work well with your baby. Your baby is a precious new gift and your newborn photographer should treat them as such.

We understand that privacy and respect are very important. To that end, we will only send a female to photograph your baby. Plus, we’ll never share your images for any reason without your explicit request.

To see if our newborn photography services in Dubai is a good fit for you, contact us today!


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