Happy new year – and thanks for joining us for our first post!

We’ve started this blog to share our passion for family life here In Dubai. As a family business specializing in on-site child photography, and with small children ourselves, we are deeply passionate about family values, parenting, healthy habits, wellbeing and positive mental attitude. To this end, we aim to share advice, tips, recommendations, and of course plenty of beautiful pictures of children and families across Dubai.

We are dedicated to creating a positive social impact on the lives of families in the UAE and further afield and want to be there to celebrate every precious and beautiful moment that this life offers.

We personally recognise these moments, having experienced many of them ourselves, and appreciate the need and desire to capture and immortalize them, and our values as a company reflect our own personal family values:

  • We support and advocate positive, peaceful and gentle parenting
  • We value boys and girls equally
  • We believe that mums and dads are equally responsible for the overall welfare and wellbeing of their children

So what can you expect from our blog?

We want to share information and advice as we hear it, on parenting generally and more specifically on capturing those memories that will last a lifetime. In the next couple of months we’ll be talking about the best themes for birthday parties and tips to get the best photos, how to immortalize your pregnancy through a shoot, some of the best outdoor locations for unique photo shoots in Dubai, what motherhood and fatherhood really mean,  tips on keeping babies still and calm for their shoots and the best poses for newborns,  as well as how to get children to play nicely together for photos, along with plenty of behind-the-scenes footage.

As we do this, you can rest assured that our posts will never trivialize nor make fun of children and their emotions, as we believe in always treating them with respect. In line with this, we would also never advocate punitive parenting techniques whether physical or emotional punishments, such as time outs.

Through this blog, we will only look to promote and support wellbeing, health and good will among children and adults, and share fun, precious moments and memories. If you like what you’re hearing, then we do hope you’ll join us for our future posts, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Best wishes for a new year of love, laughter and good health

Anisa & Wisam

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